LG was launching a refrigerator with a never-before-seen feature: a built-in ice maker that dispenses giant Craft Ice™ spheres. While it is certainly an interesting feature, in order to move a high amount of premium priced products, we needed to make it feel like more than just a neat gizmo that keeps your drinks cool.
We decided to focus less on the technical benefit of slow melting round ice cubes and instead focused on the way you feel when you’re mixing a drink with Craft Ice™. We showed consumers that the new LG fridge makes you feel cool, whether you’re drinking cocktails, soda or anything in between.
We based our entire campaign around a single word: baller. This cheeky play on words made the new InstaView Refrigerator with Craft Ice™ feel hipper than your average home appliance, and the simple phrase and repetition served as a memorable mantra for consumers. Through TVC, social, digital display and more, the campaign gave people permission to feel extra cool for using LG’s perfectly round ice cubes.
The campaign hit home with consumers, prompting shoppers to ask for the “baller fridge” by name at retail, and leading to LG InstaView Refrigerators with Craft Ice™ selling out at retail locations across the country.